Voter Protection Opportunities-In Person Options

Want to help make a difference during the upcoming Runoff Election? Here are a couple of options you can do in your county!

All in-person volunteers must wear masks at all times and, wherever possible, maintain social distancing

Be an official Democratic Party Poll Watcher! ( ) As a poll watcher, you'll be the eyes and ears for DPG's Voter Protection team inside or outside a priority polling location during early voting (December 14 - January 1) and/or on Runoff Election Day, January 5. You’ll observe the entire voting process, report and track any issues at your polling location while working with DPG volunteer attorneys to make sure every eligible voter can cast their ballot. After you register, we’ll be back in touch with more information on accessing a required training and additional resources - including weekly, optional Zoom "office hours" where you can connect with other poll watchers and discuss any questions. There are no residency requirements to be a poll watcher. Please note: this is not an “interest” form - only register if you can commit today to poll watching during the entire day of your selected shift(s)!

Join the In-Person Ballot Cure Canvass Team! ( ) As a Ballot Cure Canvasser, you’ll help Georgia voters fix problems with absentee ballots they’ve already submitted to their county’s election office. Every voter you contact is one whose vote may not be counted without your help! We’ll be canvassing on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from November 27th through December 20th, and every day from Saturday, December 26th through Friday, January 8. After you register with your availability, we’ll be back in touch with information about attending a required training before canvassing and other logistical details.

Be a Ballot Processing Monitor and/or Vote Review Panel Member at either the Fannin County Board of Elections or another County elections office that may be in need ( ). You’ll be on call to be at elections offices as officials process and count absentee ballots. County plans for ballot processing and vote review panels vary - we’ll be in touch ASAP when the need arises.

Ballot Processing Monitors. Many counties may begin processing absentee ballots as early as December 14. Ballot monitors observe the processing to ensure every eligible vote is counted and report any issues to our team.

Vote Review Panels. Vote review panels are generally made up of three appointees: a Democrat, a Republican and an Election official. The purpose of the panel is to review hand-marked ballots that have been rejected by the tabulation scanner to determine the voter’s intent. Timing varies by County, but panels generally serve in the week before and after election day.

Protect the vote in your county as a volunteer County Coordinator! ( County Coordinators are a key component of Voter Protection's County Liaison Program, which aims to monitor county level election issues across the state. The information County Coordinator volunteers gather helps us organize appropriate and locally-informed responses to incidents that threaten election integrity.

As a County Coordinator in your county, you will liaise with the local County Democratic Committee, coordinate with any fellow County Coordinators and attorney contacts, conduct on-the-ground investigations of problematic voting locations, recruit poll watchers, and provide the Voter Protection Team with reports detailing election issues. In counties without an attorney contact we may also ask you to attend monthly Board of Elections meetings and engage with the Elections Supervisor. If you're interested in taking on the County Coordinator role in your county before the Runoff and beyond, apply here and we’ll be in touch!


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