Volunteer Opportunities-Public Service Commissioner

We are excited to be working on a coordinated effort specifically for the Public Service Commissioner race with Daniel Blackman and his team. This is a winnable race with the support of the county parties, state committee and local grassroots efforts. It is essential that we continue the momentum of the blue wave sweeping throughout Georgia.

The culmination of these efforts was revealed on November 3rd, when Georgia went blue for President-Elect Joe Biden. As we now know, thanks to engaged voters and volunteers across the state, we have found ourselves in the runoff election of our lives. While the Senate races are important to the state and our party, the Public Service Commission spot on the January 5th runoff ballot, known mostly throughout the country as Public Utilities Commission, affects every single Georgian with a power bill. We win by working together and sharing the resources at our disposal. Together, we can strengthen our connections with communities across this beautiful state to build a stronger, more inclusive Georgia.

Please join our coordinating committee daily from now until the January 5th Election Day to learn how you can engage and support the public service commission portion of this important runoff campaign. Click here to sign up and receive invitations to the daily zoom calls for Daniel Blackman's campaign.


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