URGENT: HB 531 May Be Voted on This Week

House Bill 531, which was drafted as a means to dramatically suppress Georgia voters' rights to make their voices heard, is moving rapidly through the Rules Committee and may be voted on as early as this week. We have an urgent call to action to every voter in Georgia that believes this bill should die in the House and not be passed on for a vote in the Georgia Senate. The Georgia State Representatives on the Rules Committee need to hear from voters OUTSIDE of the Atlanta area, so that they know we're ALL watching and are disgusted with these attempts to suppress the will of voters across all of Georgia.

Please share this with your Georgia friends that might not be aware! Our voting rights are being stripped from our grasp and this CANNOT be allowed to move to the Senate. Please contact these Representatives immediately and urge them NOT to advance this bill.

Barry Fleming, Chair-404-656-5105

Alan Powell, Vice-Chair-404-463-3793

Shaw Blackmon-404-656-5103

Buddy DeLoach-404-656-0178

Houston Gaines-404-656-0298

Jan Jones-404-656-5072

Chuck Martin-404-656-5146

Bonnie Rich-404-656-5087

Lynn Smitth-404-656-7149

Rick Williams-404-656-0754 Here are some talking points for use when speaking to these individuals: ● HB 531 would severely restrict voting rights in Georgia and hurt Georgia voters. These restrictions are dangerous, unnecessary, and disenfranchising.

● The rushed process of filing and hearing HB 531 cut Georgians out, and it’s outrageous to push a bill like this so quickly without a chance for the public to know, see, or comment on it. ● This bill has been rushed through without scrutiny or review, and without time for legislators to properly read it or consider its implications.

● Any consideration of this bill must slow the process - HB 531 would dramatically change many parts of our elections and voting process, and must be reviewed carefully to understand the legal ramifications of these changes.

● HB 531 is seeking to fix nonexistent problems, and in many cases creates entirely new problems itself. The 2020 election saw historic participation; trying to restrict voting and access to voting now is patently transparent and unacceptable.

● Any bill to significantly change elections in our state, like HB 531, must involve careful and bipartisan discussion and cooperation, which this bill does not. Democratic legislators were shut out of the process, and even many Republicans were blindsided by this bill, which was drafted without consultation or consideration from wider membership.

● Bills to change our voting laws should be made by consulting with voting rights advocates to ensure that new changes to not harm voters - something that was not done with HB 531. As a result, this surprise bill is harmful to Georgians.


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