North Georgia Phone Banking Opportunities for the Runoff

Feedback from Democrats and Independents who wanted to make phone calls requested one thing: We want to call people who live up here, where we live. Therefore, we made that happen!! We have a link for you that will pull up all the Democrats or Leaning Democrats in the 9th Congressional District. We will be using a calling platforms called VPB CONNECT, which requires you to have a laptop or tablet device.

If you have participated in Phone Banking previously then you can begin anytime, anywhere. If you are new to phone banking you should attend a training on Zoom. We have two Zoom sessions with a trainer who will walk you through getting started. After that, you can make calls to North GA Democrats and Likely Democrats any time you like! Remember we have to turn out all the voters we got to the polls in the General Election for this run-off!! Control of the Senate is on the line! Please make every effort to get volunteers on one of these training Zoom calls!!! For Veteran Phone Bankers:

If you have already done phone banking and are ready to get started follow

these instructions. Click on this link to get started: For New Phone Bankers:

Please attend one of the two upcoming Zoom training sessions. Click on the Zoom meeting link to attend.

Monday, November 23rd, at 6pm

Zoom Meeting Link:

Zoom Meeting Passcode:


Monday, November 30th, at 6pm

Zoom Meeting Link:

Zoom Meeting Passcode:



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