WE DID THIS! North Georgia Democrats Played Major Role in Runoff Election

While Republicans chose not to return to the polls for the Runoffs, Democrats in Fannin County, the rest of the Mighty 9th Congressional District, and all over the state came out in massive numbers to elect Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to the US Senate on January 5, 2021.

Our General to Runoff stats within 9th Congressional District are something to be celebrated! While we may be small in number, we recognized the significance of electing these two Democrats to allow us to take control of the US Senate, to eliminate the stranglehold that soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader McConnell has had on this nation for the past several years. In the breakdown shown below, we've listed the results from the General and subsequent Runoff for David Perdue and Jon Ossoff. The Democrats in Fannin County had the highest number of return Runoff voters, with 98.4% of the General Election voters making the effort to vote again. All of the 9th District Counties reflected a return rate of greater than 90%, with 10 counties actually showing a return rate of 95% or greater. These are historic numbers, as compared to results from prior runoffs!

But we're not done, yet!

Results for the second US Senate seat were even better! Because the General election was a jungle primary with Democrats and Republicans on the same ballot, we tallied the total number of votes for Republicans (Collins, Loeffler, etc) to arrive at the General vote numbers, and did the same for Democrats (Warnock, Lieberman, Tarver, etc.). When Loeffler and Warnock finished as the top 2 candidates, we then compared the Republican and Democrat General election numbers with the Runoff numbers for each candidate. Shown below are the results, with Democrat voters coming out in full force to support Senator-elect Warnock. In unprecedented fashion, four counties actually exceeded the number of votes in the General, with % return numbers over 100%.

The Mighty 9th District is proud of EVERYONE that came back out to support our very worthy candidates. And Fannin County voters are appreciated beyond measure for the record breaking return to the polls! Thanks to ALL of you!


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