FCDP March Meeting

The Fannin County Democrats met on Monday evening, March 2nd at the Fannin County Senior Center. We had our very first chili fundraiser, and want to offer a special thanks to Vicki Smith and Susan DeMoura for the chili, Brianne Collar for dessert, and Kathy Smyth for drinks. We raised $225 for the evening and consider the event a big success, and thank all who joined us for the meeting.

Cynthia Maude and Velda Harrison were re-elected to serve on the Fannin County Board of Elections for another 2 years. We're grateful for their service and glad that they've chosen to continue their efforts with this great group. Cynthia Maude reminded everyone that March 2-March 6th is Candidate Qualifying week, which means this is the time that all candidates interested in running for local office should do so at the Board of Elections office. Members of the FCDP will be meeting all candidates who wish to qualify, to assist them in the process at the BoE office. A report from the Fundraising Committee yielded some very exciting news! We have been incredibly successful this month with our ActBlue fundraising and have collected several hundred dollars to support our candidates up and down the ballot. FCDP Chair, Doug DeMoura has also agreed to match all new recurring and one-time donations for the month of February through tonight's meeting, and will be making that donation once all contributions are tallied. If you'd like to make a one-time or monthly recurring donation to the FCDP, please click the DONATE button at the top right of the screen to be taken to Act Blue. OR, if you'd prefer to mail a donation, please do so by sending it to FCDP, PO Box 1931, Blue Ridge, GA 30513.

We will be hosting a Low Country Boil Fundraiser on Saturday, May 9th at the Vote Blue Pavilion (Pete Thomas' pavilion located at 9061 Blue Ridge Drive in Blue Ridge). Tickets may be purchased by visiting the FCDP Home page, scrolling down to the Low Country Boil section and clicking the link to be taken to Act Blue. If you'd prefer to purchase your tickets in cash/check, please email Susan DeMoura at fcdw2017@gmail.com and she'll help with that. The Fannin County Commissioners meeting, held on Tuesday February 25th, included the board unanimously voting to declare Fannin County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. Dixie Carter and Kathy Smyth were the only Democrats present at the meeting who chose to speak and share their opinions on the issue, and we are grateful to both of them for having done so. Doug also mentioned that he appeared on the Fetch Your News program on Wednesday, February 26th with Brian Pritchard and was interviewed for nearly 30 minutes about this topic, as well as the Presidential Primary. To listen to the interview, click here to be taken to the FYNTV site. Then, select the On Demand tab and scroll down to the show that aired on 2/26/20. Click on that episode and once the screen appears, advance to about the 44:30 minute mark, which is where Doug's portion begins. We had not one, not two, but THREE Democrats of the Month for February! Dixie Carter and Kathy Smyth were named because of their willingness to run for local office AND for standing up and speaking out during the BoC's meeting on the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County issue. And Cynthia Maude was named for her tireless and unceasing efforts in (gently) urging people to run for local office. Her work has paved the way, not only for new candidates this cycle, but has also planted seeds in the minds of others who will hopefully consider a run in the future. If you know Cynthia, PLEASE thank her for her persistence, fortitude, efforts, and grace. She's seriously one of the very best around! We provided each of the attendees with useful information on checking your voter registration. Even if you THINK your registration is current, it doesn't hurt to check your status monthly, to ensure that no changes have been made, since Georgia is notorious for making alterations and purges without a voter's knowledge or consent. To check your voter registration, please perform the following steps: 1. Go to sos.ga.gov and select the ELECTIONS option.

2. A new screen will appear, allowing you to select the REGISTER TO VOTE option.

3. When the new screen appears, select the AM I REGISTERED TO VOTE? option.

4. Complete the MVP Login section of the screen by entering your first initial, last name,

county of residence, and date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY format only), and then click SUBMIT.

5. Review your Voter Information and confirm its accuracy. NOTE: If your registration wasn't

located, re-enter the data on the MVP Login screen to make sure it wasn't a data entry

error. If the registration could still not be located, click the REGISTER TO VOTE button

and complete a new registration OR go to the Fannin County Board of Elections to fill

out a voter registration form. Please share these steps with friends and family to be sure EVERYONE is registered!

A list of important 2020 Georgia Election dates was provided to the group, but is also available on the Home page of the FCDP website.

Finally, the movie Suppressed: The Fight to Vote was shown, which chronicled the massive voter suppression efforts made during the 2018 GA elections. To view this 40 minute documentary online, please click here.

Our next meeting is scheduled for 6:15 pm on Monday, April 6th at the Fannin County Senior Center, located at 440 West First Street in Blue Ridge, GA. We hope to see you there!


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