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Connie Galloway

Seeks to Have an Impact on

Supreme Court Decision Involving

LGBTQ Civil Rights

If you attended the October 7th meeting, you learned about FCDP Vice-Chair Connie Galloway's wrongful termination from her employer of nearly 31 years, because of her sexual orientation.  At that time, there was nothing that could be done about the firing, and even today, LGBTQ Georgians are vulnerable to discrimination because of a lack of protections at the state and federal level.  We are so grateful for Connie's willingness to open up about this with all of us, because we know how painful a journey this has been for her.  Please watch watch this video that sheds light on her story. 












Even though Connie's termination resulted in an annual loss of $25,000  in retirement benefits that could never be recouped, it didn't stop her from fighting.  She knew she needed to do everything possible to prevent this from happening to others being wrongfully terminated because of whom they love.  As a result, Georgia Equality has filed an Amicus Brief in support of LGBTQ Civil Rights that is now part of 3 cases being reviewed by the US Supreme Court, and Connie's story appears within that brief.  The Supreme Court now has the opportunity to affirm that all LGBTQ people should be able to live without fear of harassment or discrimination at work.

If you would like to tell our state lawmakers that GA desperately needs LGBTQ-inclusive civil rights laws, please click here to sign the petition, sponsored by Georgia Unites.  


Thanks again, Connie, for your unceasing commitment to this fight.  We're grateful for you, and will be in your corner as you continue the fight for the rights of LGBTQ workers, everywhere.  And because of its highly significant impact to so many residents of our county and state, we will provide you all with updates on this topic as they become available.

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